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The Plan for this Semester

We just went online for a while because of a "rise in current COVID-19 cases," according to recent Blazer News, but do you know just how the GMC staff is making decisions based on positive cases? I asked Mr. Dillard about the plan for handling reported COVID-19 cases this semester, and here's what he had to say.

Obviously, the GMC staff still plans on going online if there are too many confirmed cases. How many are too many? "We have said all along if there are 5 active, in-house cases, we would go virtual," Mr. Dillard explained. "What that means is that it had to be a person who had been in the building during their contagious period, and they drop off the 'active' list when their 10 day quarantine ends." 5 seems like a low number, so why didn't we go online when so many people were out during the fall? Basically, the people who were out during the fall were mostly people who had been exposed, not people who were actually positive. "We made it to 3 [active positive cases] about 3 times in the fall," Mr. Dillard said.

I also asked about the way Greenville's and Spartanburg's positive cases were being considered as a whole. Mr. Dillard said, "We like to compare what's happening inside GMC with what's going on in the community. High spread around the county makes us even more cautious, but as long as we're what we feel is OK inside our GMC family, we want to keep our doors open."

Mr. Dillard recommended reading the original opening plan for anyone who wants to be reminded of how the school is handling positive cases (links will be below). All in all, COVID-19 cases are being taken just as seriously as they were at the beginning of this year, and the GMC staff isn't letting their guard down so they can keep all students safe.

Information on positive cases and DHEC requirements:

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