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The Pros and Cons of College Classes

Recently, students have been doing their IGPs to plan out their courses for next year. Questions surround those who are considering taking college classes for the first time. Will it be too much to handle? Why do people think it's beneficial that students take early college classes? And most importantly, what are the pros and cons of college classes? As a student who has spent the last two years taking early college classes, let me share my thoughts on the pros and cons of it.

I'll start with the most worrisome factor when considering college classes: the difficulty. The obvious con of a college class is that it will be more difficult than a high school class, and if you truly aren't ready to commit to it, then it will be hard for you to get through. Homework and classwork for college classes are usually (but not entirely) more focused on textbooks and readings that they are on project-based learning. For an audio or tactile learner, this can make learning in a college class tougher. The pro of the difficulty in college classes might outweigh the con, though. The pro is that adapting to the fast-paced college classes at Greenville Tech will prepare you for larger colleges that you might be planning on attending after high school. You will most likely have an easier time getting the hang of the classes at four-year colleges if you take GTC's classes.

The second factor to consider is workload. I'll be totally honest - workload is probably more of a con than a pro, but it can be helpful to you. Based on my experiences and listening to the experiences of other students, it's safe to say that the majority of college classes will give you homework that will take a while to complete, which is a major con if you don't think you can keep up with it. If you can't manage your time well, then it will become too much. However, the pro here is, again, adaptation. High school is nothing like college, so it benefits you to know what college is like so you're prepared for your student life after high school.

The last factor probably affects parents more than students: cost. The con of taking college classes early is that if you take more than one per semester, then you have to pay for the extra classes (the first one is free because of dual enrollment). The pro, however, is that no matter how many extra classes you take, it will be much, much cheaper than GTC classes after you graduate high school and cheaper than classes at four-year colleges (also because of dual enrollment). The pro definitely outweighs the con because college is notoriously expensive, and if there is an opportunity to get college education for less money, than it is highly advised by pretty much anyone that you go for it.

All in all, it is entirely up to you if either the pros or the cons of college classes mean more to you. It differs for everyone, and that's alright. Taking college classes is not required. I hope this helps anyone who may be thinking about it! Good luck next year!