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OPINION: Today Should Be A National Holiday

Election day! In the United States, we have it every year on the first Tuesday after November 1st, making it fall on November 3rd this year. Schools are always closed for election day every year, and that's a wonderful thing! Students get the day off, teachers and staff have the free time to head down to their local polling location to vote, everyone wins. This goes on from Kindergarten through 12th grade, so we're all pretty used to it. Something that was quite a shock to me is that this is not a regular thing in most places of employment. For many workers, they have to work the whole day of election day. Polling places in South Carolina close at 7 p.m., so lots of workers won't have the time after work to get their votes in. The easy way to get everyone in to vote without needing to skip work or take vacation days is to make election day a national holiday, so why not do that?

There... really isn't a reason? From what I could find, there really isn't any particular reason for election day being such a hassle, other than the fact that no one has really bothered to push it in congress. It's been discussed, even proposed more than once, but no one cared enough to get it done. Sounds just like politicians, doesn't it? If students and teachers and other government employees get the day off, it's only fair to extend that to everyone. It's most in the spirit of democracy, as well, since an election with half of its proper turnout is hardly a good representation of the whole. Whether our election day gets sanctified or not, it's nice to enjoy the day off while we have it.