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Top 10 Cookies for the Holidays!

Many things come to mind when thinking about the Holidays, but some of the greatest and most tasty things are cookies! Here are the definitive best cookies to enjoy this holiday season!

Number 10: Biscotti

Raise your hand if you've ever craved a biscotti cookie... nobody has! These cookies don't taste bad, they just aren't too memorable. Maybe it's because they are SUPER crumbly, or maybe it's the weird stick shape. Either way, biscotti cookies are the definition of "eh".

Number 9: Gingersnaps

There aren't many cookies that represent the holidays better than gingersnaps. The problem with gingersnaps is that it is hard to eat more than a couple because the spice of the ginger can be overpowering! Gingersnaps are good, but make sure to thoroughly douse them in milk first!!

Number 8: Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter cookies must have been invented to sell more water because they're so dry most of the time! This is another cookie that is better enjoyed dipped in milk. Any peanut butter lover will enjoy the taste of these!

Number 7: Molasses Cookies

An underrated cookie for sure. These cookies are very soft and tasty! Think of a gingersnap without the snap. Although some might prefer a sugar cookie more, give molasses cookies a try!

Number 6: Chips Ahoy!

Although these are technically chocolate chip cookies, it can be argued that Chips Ahoy! are their own type. These cookies are very crumbly but also very tasty. It can be very easy to scarf down an entire package of these fun-sized cookies, so beware of being alone with these!

Number 5: Snickerdoodle Cookies

Another underrated classic. These cookies bring the wonderful taste of cinnamon & sugar to the cookie world! Not to mention, the cookie itself is usually very nice and soft. A perfect cookie for any holiday-related activity!

Number 4: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Even though these cookies have been made fun of for being the chocolate chip cookies evil doppelganger, these cookies are actually great! These are a nice change of pace from all of the chocolate and other sweet things that are made during the holidays, which is always appreciated! Give oatmeal raisin cookies a chance this holiday season!

Number 3: Sugar Cookies

These cookies have definitely stood the test of time. These prove that cookies don't need any fancy ingredients to be good! The only reason these aren't higher is that even though there are plenty of good sugar cookies, there are also a lot of low-quality ones as well. Make sure to enjoy some of these this year!

Number 2: Macarons

Even though these might not seem like cookies, they are, and they're amazing! These French cookies come in all sorts of flavors and are all equally delectable. The crumbly and soft cookies work so well with the flavored filling that is in between them. Although these probably don't come to mind when thinking of the holidays, maybe they could become a new tradition!

Number 1.5: Chocolate Chip Cookies

The all-time classic! Although everyone has their preferences, most people can come together and say this cookie is amazing. When they're fresh, they are wonderfully warm and gooey. When they have cooled, they have the right amount of chewiness and crunchiness. It doesn't matter when you eat these, because they'll always be good!

Number 1: Gingerbread Men

Ok... hear me out on this one. Spending time with friends and family is one of the highlights of the holidays, and gingerbread men decorating can make for an extremely fun activity! Although the taste of these cookies won't exactly blow your socks off, there is a lot of fun to be had decorating them. The possibilities are endless with a bit of icing and sprinkles! So although eating countless amounts of cookies can be fun, spending time with loved ones is better, and gingerbread cookies can help make some good memories!

So this holiday season, make sure to hang out with friends and family and eat plenty of cookies!!

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