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Top 10 Loneliest and Most Useless Emojis

In 1999, a Japanese man would create the very first emoji for a Japanese cell service company. Since then, there have been more than a thousand emojis created that anyone can use. However, it was inevitable that at least some of the newly created emojis were going to be left in the shadows of oblivion and used only on very obscure purposes. This article is dedicated to those emojis and bringing them to the light, even though they probably don't deserve to be. (this list is not in order).

Emo singer emoji

This emoji is completely worthless. The only reason I could see that might be used for the justification of using this emoji is that one might use it when implying they have been to a concert of some sort. Then again, if someone was in that situation, you would more than likely just use the microphone emoji. This dilemma has left this wanna-be rockstar to have absolutely no purpose in its miserable life span until it is enabled.

Chinese stamp emoji

According to the definition online for this emoji, it is supposed to be a Japanese stamp given to people who do a good job on some form of work. However, without a specific context, the reaction is given by many folks probably resides in the realm of “huh?” or “what is that?”. This is because, no matter how foreign of an idea it may be to Apple and other companies that have designed their own Japanese stamp emojis, the average American probably does not speak Japanese. This has left this emoji to practically fall off the face of the earth in terms of its usage in texting, and it will probably continue its descent into obscurity until it is eventually replaced with something a tad bit more understandable to all cultures.

creepy moon emoji

The only description I think that one could apply to this is the creepy version of the crescent moon. There is absolutely no point in this emoji unless you consider there to be a purpose in having what looks to be a rotting apple with a carved in the face on it to be of use in a text. I suppose that it could be a way to make your worst enemy have a nightmare about a terrifying monstrosity taking the place of the moon and stalking them for the remainder of the night. however, perhaps that could be too harsh of a punishment


Like most things that only become relevant around the time of a particular season, the majority of Jack o lantern’s existence is had in the realms of obscurity while only possessing at most one month of relevance at a time, specificity around Halloween. Right after Halloween, this emoji is replaced by the turkey emoji, followed by the Christmas tree emoji, and so on and so forth. Sadly, it does not seem like this cycle is going to break anytime soon, so we just have to wait and see

Nasar Amulet

This emoji serves absolutely no purpose. Before doing research for this article, I came have in fact never in my life have seen something like this to where it is actually rather saddening. It somewhat looks like a blue eye emoji combined with a yo-yo, making for a very odd combination. I hope that the reader of this article perhaps is someone with a connection to a top phone company so perhaps they can spread the word on how absolutely garbage this emoji is.

Squirt gun emoji

Although this emoji is used quite a lot, it still is rather confusing why the top cell phone companies decided to change the style of the emoji itself. At one point, this emoji was an actual gun, and because there wasn’t any other emoji that was really like it, people started developing fun and unique ways of utilizing the emoji. However, things changed when all the major companies turned the gun emoji from an actual gun to a squirt gun. This made it so it became hard for anyone to take this emoji seriously, making it to where all of the previously built uses of the emoji became invalid. Although this emoji is used, it is a bittersweet relationship at best.

Oyster Emoji

This is an oyster emoji, which is something I didn’t realize until looking into this topic further. For me, it looks like a piece of toast with a random ball on top of it, but I can also see it as being a rug of some sort. If you couldn’t tell the reason this is a badly thought out emoji is that isn’t exactly clear on what it is. The tea should have just went back to the concept board and actually made a full oyster emoji rather than whatever this is. As a matter of fact, perhaps the designers should be thrown out before the emoji this time and then we can see some actual progress.

Coat emoji

While this is an obvious emoji to what it represents, why exactly would you use it? Like for example, would you ever see a text like “ just got a new coat today! [instert emoji here]” like ever? No. going even further, that is pretty much the only context I can ever see this emoji being used, and even that context doesn’t even make much sense. It’s not even a good looking coat as well, perhaps they could have used a more stylish coat instead of something that looks like a clothing article found on the body of a Siberian rancher in the dead of winter. This emoji not only is ugly, but it is also useless, making it a double-whammy loser emoji.

Royal Guard Emoji

Last but not least, the royal guard emoji. This emoji is pretty much an unusable emoji at its heart. The whole purpose of an actual British royal guard is to actually stand still and do nothing. Therefore, how do you expect a texter to find a purpose in the emoji of the British royal guard when the government the real-life version of the emoji can’t even find one? The answer is you can’t because it is an impossible task, making this the biggest loser emoji out of them all.