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Top 10 Trees

Spring is here once again, and you know what that means - PLANTS! Flowers are blooming, leaves are growing, and pollen is everywhere. To give plants the recognition they deserve, let's take a look at the greatest trees that have ever sprouted.

10. Oak Tree

At first thought, Oak trees aren't really that special. I mean, they're everywhere around here - but that's why they're so great. Whenever you need some shade, an Oak tree is there to provide some. Also, our forests would look a lot more like prairies without Oaks. So next time you see an Oak, thank it for everything it has done for us!

9. Maple Tree

These trees help make breakfast 100 times better. Pancakes and waffles just wouldn't be the same without maple syrup! These trees are so iconic that Canada decided to make the leaf of the Maple tree the centerpiece of their flag. How could such a popular tree not make it onto this list?

8. Cherry Blossom

Everyone knows about the Cherry Blossom. This tree might just be the most popular tree during the springtime due to its beautiful blossoms. You've probably seen a lot of these trees on the internet recently because of that, but for good reason -- these trees stand out so much due to their pink blossoms! They really break through all of the green and make a big statement, which is why they belong on this list.

7. Spanish Moss

Okay, so this one is technically cheating. Spanish Moss is (as the name implies) a type of moss that grows on certain types of Oak and Cypress trees. Spanish Moss trees are technically not a thing, but we're going to count it anyway because it looks so cool. It is so awesome being able to see all of the hanging Spanish Moss growing on trees in the Lowcountry. The Moss gives the tree a very unique and beautiful look, which is why it earns a spot on this list.

6. Boojum Tree

Native to California, these trees are some of the craziest trees I've seen; some look like they're straight out of a Tim Burton film. This tree resembles a cactus more than an average tree, which is why it is so cool! There really isn't anything like the Boojum tree.

5. Juniper Tree

The way the branches on the Juniper tree curve make it look like they are swaying in the wind. They also slightly resemble Bonsai trees. I wonder why branches grow like that, and I wonder how Bonsai trees got so small. Moral of the story here: Juniper trees are very mesmerizing and thought-provoking, which is why they deserve to be on this list!

4. Dragonblood Tree

The Dragonblood tree is what would happen if you crossbred a mushroom with a tree. The way all of the branches extend up to make an umbrella shape is so cool! And even better -- the sap is a deep red color, which causes the tree to look as if it is bleeding, which is why it is called Dragonblood. Definitely add the Dragonblood to your tree bucket list!

3. Truffula Tree

The Lorax speaks for these.

2. Baobab Tree

The Baobab has to be the most disproportionate tree ever! The Baobab has a humongous trunk and a pretty normal-sized set of branches, which makes for a funny-looking tree. Nevertheless, this tree is definitely one of the most unique ones out there. If only Baobabs grew around here!

1. Giant Sequoia Tree

Something about big, tall trees is so amazing. These gargantuan trees are native to the U.S. west coast, and taking a day to go out to see Giant Sequoias is a popular activity for tourists and local residents alike! Nicknamed "nature's skyscrapers", these trees average at around 250 - 275 feet tall, and can live to 2,000 years and beyond! There truly isn't any other kind of tree as majestic as these. Instead of going to New York to see skyscrapers, go see the Giant Sequoia trees instead!

Congratulations to all of the trees that made it onto this prestigious list, and better luck next time for all who didn't. Make sure to give the trees around you lots of respect, because they do a lot for you. Happy Spring!

Pictures found here: Oak, Maple, Cherry Blossom, Spanish Moss, Boojum, Juniper, Dragonblood, Truffula, Baobab, Giant Sequoia