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OPINION: What About Grey?

Many of you may be wondering why we lost the color grey from our school dress code. GMC's dress code goal is put into place to help student's outfits look nice and have the school colors. While some say that the dress code is supposed to make shopping and getting ready easier, it can be hard when you are limited to only a couple of colors. In my opinion, grey goes with about any outfit, but there are so many different shades, so I can see why the school administration decided it was best to let it go. I love to wear grey sweaters and cardigans with my school uniforms, and I really miss having that option this year. When students had the option of wearing grey outerwear it was much easier than looking for one shade like black or white. Not only is it easier to look for grey, but it is an every season color. You can wear grey all year round. Even though there are so many shades of grey they all go with our khaki and blue colors. Although we did lose grey we did gain the black polo, which is nice. Some say black goes with everything, but in my opinion, black cannot go with dark blue, which is one of the main colors for our dress code. By losing grey we lost a lot of options for our school outfits.