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What Color are Your Subjects?

Everything has its place. Money goes in wallets, water goes in bottles, and math work goes in the red folder. Or? Wait, hold on... Okay, I could see it being in a yellow folder. Or, is yellow for history...? At least I'm positive that science goes in green. I think. I'm really not too sure, maybe I should ask for some second opinions. Oh, wait! I already did! I nearly forgot. Below I've compiled the results of the GMC student body's opinions on what subject goes in what color binder/folder/divider/whatever organizational tool one keeps school stuff in.

Beginning with math, quite a large majority cited red as The math color. Blue, the closest runner up, was barely half the popularity of red.

Moving to English, blue takes the lead, but it's not nearly as crushing a defeat as red had doled out in the math round. Yellow and purple both sit at respectable numbers compared to this rounds victor, and even red isn't quite a black-sheep in this pasture. Note also that this subject has a few that prefer white, a color that doesn't always pop up in all these results, implying that maybe white also is a solid English color, given that one of its rare, yet impotent appearances can be found here..

Back to our regularly scheduled landslide victories, two thirds of all students surveyed purported that green is the color they associate science with. Second place is one fourth the amount of votes as the lead had, making blue out to be a slightly niche but reasonable alternative. Interestingly, not one student claimed pink as a scientific shade, making this the only subject in which no one preferred pink.

And then to the elective no one really elects to take, Spanish. While I had my guesses for the other subjects, I really was not sure of what color Spanish should be filed as. Apparently, Orange and yellow would be the most popular options, with an interesting third place competitor as purple, contrasting the sunny and warm connotations of the leading colors.

The votes for electives and related arts come with a hue-morous revelation. Nearly 7% of all students polled answered with something that... wasn't a color. I, personally, am quite impressed, given that it would take great talent and/or luck to have made it to high school and not be able to read instructions. Back to the topic at hand, here in a more miscellaneous category like related arts, you can see much more popularity with previously under utilized colors, like purple, pink, and black. Here we also see another two students claim usage of the elusive white.

Breaking news! In a shocking turn of events, an upturn in the level of invalid votes occurred during the final round of the survey, with 8% of students refusing to offer any color at all! One student who participated in the poll had merely answered with a simple "no." Surely, the description I wrote must be a mirage. This category, admittedly, was a bit of a throw-away, asking for whatever folders "everything else" goes in. At this point, I know that I would be running out of colors to use (no excuse not to use any), so the prevalence of black, inflation of brown, and presence of white as answers all make sense and were expected. Additionally, all other colors are roughly even with each other because, after all, if you hadn't used them before, you may as well use them here.

So, what's all this data mean? Why, nothing, of course! But isn't t fun? Don't you feel good that you picked the majority color, or proud you're uncommon, or furious that everyone else is wrong? Plus, look at those fun rainbow wheels! Marvelous.