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OPINION: What Do GMC Students REALLY Think About Valentine's Day?

Love is in the air...or is it?

Valentine's Day is celebrated all around the world. It's one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about February, and when February 14th rolls around, it's impossible to avoid. At first glance, Valentine's Day seems like a good ol' time for everyone, but what's the truth? We asked GMC students what they thought of Valentine's Day, so here are their anonymous & interesting answers!

First, there are the people who are really into Valentines Day:

  • "Valentines Day is a fun and cute day to show appreciation and love towards those you love."

  • "Honestly I use it as a day to make my friends feel loved! Just because you are not dating anyone does not mean you cannot celebrate!"

  • "Valentines day is a day made for love, meaning you show the ones in your life what they mean to you. Its a day that's meant to be fun and lull of laughter, gifts and whispered sweet nothings."

There are a few people who, although don't quite get the day, respect what Valentine's stands for:

  • "I definitely believe it is a hallmark holiday mainly for the purpose of benefiting business, but it's always nice to do something for someone you love"

  • "To one extent I don't understand the holiday and why we do it, but to another it's kinda just a day to remind family and friends how important they are to you."

  • "I don’t particularly care either way, but I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy it a lot more if I had a significant other. Let the couples have their fun!"

A group of people have an obsession with choccy milk, or chocky - spelling varies:

  • "She rejected my choccy milk"

  • "I rejected his choccy milk"

  • "I pop a chocky milk to make the pain go away"

Some people really don't like the commercial aspect to Valentine's Day:

  • "It's nothing but capitalism. It's a way businesses get to make prices higher and make money off of people who want to have a romantic time with their S.O. People associate Valentine's Day with being extra romantic so they go all out and spend lots of money."

  • "waste of money"

A pretty big margin of people say that the day makes them feel lonely:

  • "just a day that emphases loneliness"

  • "if you see me not doing my homework its because i'm crying"

  • "when I'm the most depressed"

Many think couples should act like its Valentine's Day everyday, not just on Feb. 14th:

  • "I think that it's pretty pointless. If you really love someone, you would let them know you do every day, not on a holiday that is just used to increase chocolate and card sales. I mean, yes it is nice to have an excuse to shower my friends with affection and let them know how much I love them, but it stil feels artifical all because that's what you are supposed to do on Valentine's day y'know?"

  • "It's fine. I just don't get the point??? If it really is a day to love one another, shouldn't loving each other just be part of everyday life? I feel like most of the hype of Valentine's day is just a cheap marketing ploy. You're free to participate in Valentines if you want, and it can certainly be fun, but not worth spending more than a few bucks on."

Thank you to the 79 people who gave answers! Whether you're pro or anti Valentine's, hopefully February 14th turns out to be a great day!