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What Does Your Favorite Color in "Among Us" Say About You?

“Among Us” has taken the internet by storm in its popularity. On YouTube, there are countless videos and live streams of people playing “Among Us” with friends. But one of the most fun things about the game, besides committing first-degree murder, would have to be the character customization. As simple as it is, it is still one of my personal favorite parts of the game. Choosing the color of my no-armed astronaut is so satisfying and all-around a great experience. To take advantage of this game’s success we here at The Forge have decided that we should at least know the go-to color you choose when you end up in that waiting room. So without further ado, here are my assumptions about your personality based on your favorite “Among Us” color! Please excuse the unfortunately colored pie chart.

The least popular color out of all of them is pink. If you choose the color pink, you probably also wear a flower hat too. You aren’t here to show off your strategic ability, you just wanna have a good time with your friends. 

If you play as lime then your name is probably “Lime,” and you are always on the hunt for a yellow player named “Lemon.” You probably self-report to throw people off. 

If you play as brown, then you probably spend all of your time on the cameras. Basically, you never do your tasks. Do your tasks. 

If you play as green then you probably hate being an impostor. You probably spend all of your time in the electrical vent hiding after you kill someone. 

You play as orange? Pick a new color.

If you play as red you probably always get voted out because “red sus.” If you want to avoid that, pick a less angry color. Red is known for being a violent and aggressive color. 

If you play as blue you're probably super chill. You probably downloaded this on your phone to play one time and now you actually like the game. 

If you play as purple, you are literally the coolest person ever. I don’t make the rules. I make the assumptions. 

Now, this one is a little personal, but if you play as yellow you are me. Let’s be friends. But seriously, if you play as yellow you probably talk too much in the chatbox and get voted out for it.

We are now in the top three “Among Us” colors! But, cyan and white are tied for second place. If you play as cyan you probably really like using the vents to move around as an impostor. You sneaky little thing you. If you play as white then you probably are good at the game and you’re a loyal crewmate. Basically, you are the best and I love you.

Now for first place in our poll...The most popular “Among Us” color at GMC is black! If you play as black then you are probably really good at playing impostor. You know how to be sneaky, use the vents, and trick the other crewmates. Good job at being the best “Among Us” player. You deserve it champ. 

I hope you approve of this list and if you don’t, well, let us know! If you haven’t played “Among Us,” then you definitely should. It is a fun game and I know that you will enjoy it for sure!