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What Movie Are You? - Quiz

Have you ever wondered what movie perfectly encapsulates you as a whole? Well, I have the quiz for you! I have not watched these movies in years and only vaguely remember the plot points. LET'S GO!

1. What's your favorite color?

  1. Blue

  2. Red

  3. Black

  4. Purple

2. Which meal would you eat?

  1. Toothpaste on bread

  2. Sunflower Seeds

  3. Fish

  4. Lucky Charms

3. It’s 12:00 am you are…

  1. Reading

  2. Exercising

  3. Crying

  4. Sleeping

4. Where would you live?

  1. In a nice apartment over a small business

  2. A tent in the woods

  3. By the Ocean

  4. Somewhere in the Irish countryside

5. If you had one wish you would ask for…

  1. A date

  2. Your family curse to be gone

  3. World Peace, or at least for people to not be mean

  4. To win the next game

6. Time to listen to music, what would you listen to?

  1. Dad music you would hear in the garage

  2. You had your phone taken away you can't

  3. Those lo-fi beats, like very calm stuff

  4. Experimental harsh noise and electronica stuff

7. In your free time you like to…

  1. Be with your family and friends, even if you don’t want to admit it

  2. Go hiking with a friend

  3. Go for a swim or hang out by the beach

  4. Play a game

8. Your worst nightmare is…

  1. Gumballs coming from the sky and this dude on a horse

  2. Catching a pair of extremely expensive shoes and being sent to prison camp

  3. Being trapped

  4. St. Patrick's day

9. What would you wear?

  1. Tank top, gym shorts, and slides

  2. Jumpsuit

  3. A nice black and white fit

  4. Anything the color green

10. Finally, what is your favorite book?

  1. Alice in Wonderland

  2. Holes

  3. Science Textbook

  4. I can not read


If you answered mostly A's...

You are the movie Bedtime Stories starring THE Adam Sandler

Bruh I do not want to rewatch this movie because it was perfect the first time. You are a little crazy and don't always know what you are doing but you are nonetheless doing great. I mean the movie stars Adam Sandler and it will forever have a place in my heart and thus, so do you.

If you answered mostly B's...

You are the movie Holes

OH BABY a masterpiece! You are a great person, a loyal friend, and someone with impeccable taste! I promise everything is not your fault. You are doing good, keep your head up!

If you answered mostly C's...

You are the movie Blackfish the Killer Whale Documentary

I like this documentary a lot. It is sad HOWEVER now people are aware of how to treat killer whales. You may also get a little sad at times but at heart, you are a free spirit who just wants to have some adventure. I promise whatever your Sea World is will come to an end!

If you answered mostly D's...

You are the movie The Luck of the Irish

I am gonna be honest I remember nothing from this movie and yet I love it so much. You are just good energy (a lot of energy) as a person, keep it up!

If your results were tied...

You are the movie Lion King 1 ½

You are a little everywhere but you are still amazing! Like sure the movie may be a rip-off of that Mystery Science Theatre 3000 movie review bit BUT it's still good. You are familiar and kind and know how to crack a joke. I promise people do remember you man. I love you.