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Which Dress Code Violation are You?

I'm sure you are wondering, what dress code violation am I? Then take this quick quiz and find out!

  1. What is your favorite color?

  2. Navy Blue

  3. Purple

  4. Teal

  5. Green

  6. Where would you like to live?

  7. The Mountains

  8. New York

  9. Greenville

  10. The Beach

  11. What meal would you choose to eat?

  12. Chicken and Rice

  13. Pizza and Wings

  14. Soup

  15. An Energy Drink

  16. What is your favorite class?

  17. Art

  18. English

  19. History

  20. Gym

  21. What is your reaction when a dress code check is announced?

  22. I think I'm fine, am I fine?

  23. Let me go to the bathroom real quick.

  24. I am completely fine, no worries at all.

  25. I will stay in my seat and hope for the best.

If you got mostly A’s you are…

A Grey Sweatshirt

You are good at heart and a timeless favorite, but you have grown to be a bit of a rule breaker.

If you got mostly B’s you are…

An Untucked Shirt

Everyone knows you and you are everyone's friend. You also know how to adapt and think quickly!

If you got mostly C’s you are…

The Wrong Shade of Blue Polo

You follow every rule and try your best, and I see you. You just may need to open your eyes a little.

If you got mostly D’s you are…

Too Short Shorts

You like to go a little crazy, have a little fun and you know what, I am rooting for you! Just be a little cautious now.

If you got a tie you are…

Collar no polo

You will follow the rules, but your way. I have no words except I love you.