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Which Oddly Specific Character are you?

Do you remember reading some old magazines as a kid and flipping through the pages and then BAM! There is a fun interactive quiz just for you! It is pretty simple to take, just keep taking with your answers to see if you got mostly A's, B's, C's, D's, or a tie to see your results. Now what are you doing, go ahead and take the quiz already!

1. What is your favorite color?

A. Yellow

B. Red

C. Purple

D. Blue

2. What is your favorite food?

A. Shredded Chicken

B. Candy

C. Junk Food

D. Sushi

3. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?

A. The desert

B. Canada

C. The south

D. Hawaii

4. Your gym teacher tells you you're playing dodgeball, what is your reaction?

A. I have to win no matter what!

B. I do not care who wins but I want to hit someone with the ball.

C. How do you play dodgeball again?

D. I am gonna be last chosen and first out… again.

5. What is your astrological sign?

A. Fire sign - (Aries, Leo Sagittarius)

B. Air sign - (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

C. Earth sign - (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo)

D. Water sign - (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

6. How do you drive?

A. All speed baby. I got the windows down and the music all the way up!

B. I cut people off. A lot.

C. I can’t drive.

D. I go 25 mph on every road and have trash in the backseat.

7. What is your favorite subject?

A. Gym

B. History

C. Art

D. Science

8. What did you get in trouble for?

A. Trying to race in a child size go cart.

B. Hitting a woman's car with a grocery cart. The car had more damage than the cart.

C. Eating food in the middle of Walmart and then leaving it.

D. Trying to steal fish out of Petsmart to “save them”.

9. Go-to accessory

A. Sunglasses

B. A snazzy coat

C. Blanket

D. Cool hat

10. A kid is crying what do you do?

A. Yell at them to stop thus making them cry more.

B. You made them cry, your job is done.

C. Cry with them.

D. Panic on what to do but try your best to comfort them.

Results -

If you got mostly A's...

You're Sebulba from Star Wars

You love competition, like things your way, and you go fast in life metaphorically and literally! Life may be crazy for you but hey you got arms for legs and legs for arms. (That is a positive thing)

If you got mostly B's...

You are this Elf from the Polar Express

Ah yes, the Elf that kicked the kids down Santa's sleigh at the end of the movie. You are a bit devious and like to have a little fun but you always do your job on time!

If you got mostly C's...

You are the baby maggot on the right in a Bug's Life

Baby maggot in the crowd is honestly just chillin. Things might get overwhelming pretty easily for you but you are still a sweet, nice, empathetic person.

If you got mostly D's...

You are this eel from Spongebob

I am being honest I am going more on looks for this one, but you are a bit shy and apprehensive. Despite that you are still a kind and fun person to be around and hey, look at that hat baby, I would trust you immediately!

If your results were tied...

You are Chairry from Peewees Playhouse

You are Chairry. Look into her eyes. You finally have someone who understands. Now have a good day and remember Chairry loves you.