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Why "Tomodachi Life" Deserves a Reboot

Tomodachi Life for the Nintendo 3DS is one of the best games I have ever played. It is a life simulation game where you can create Mii's on your 3DS and take care of them after they move onto an island (that you can name). There is an apartment building, shops where you can buy outfits and food for your Mii's, and different amenities that your islanders can enjoy. You can import the Mii's from the Mii Maker app on the 3DS, or you can make them in the game. You can also scan QR codes and have Mii's made by other people move in.

Above is an image of the Mii Maker app on the Wii U.

Once you have a handful of islanders moved in, that is when the fun begins. Your Mii's will begin to ask for clothes, food, or apartment styles. When looking through the apartment building that your Mii's live in, little scribbles will appear in the windows, indicating that that Mii has a problem. There are a lot of problems that your Mii could have. They could want new clothes, a new hat, food, or they just want to ask you a thought provoking question. When you fix problems for Mii's, they will give you a present and a little bit of money.

Image above is the apartment buildiing when Mii's have a problem

Mii's can also fall in love and create long-lasting friendships with one another. Once Mii's become friends, they hang out with each other in their apartments or in different places on the island. If they have a real connection, feelings might develop and they will come to you for guidance. If the relationship works out, your Mii's can even get married! And have kids! Having a kid is the ultimate goal for any islander on your island. When you raise a kid, and they are all grown up, that is when the credits roll. The baby will usually look like one of their parents, and you can make Mii's look pretty wacky, so it is always a fun experience when they reveal the baby.

A rather scary "Tomodachi Life" family is pictured above

The combinations of Mii's being friends and possibly falling in love is always a funny thing to see. The possibilities are limitless for all of the Mii's you can make. You can also play games with your islanders, as well as give them toys to play with in their free time. This game has an infinite amount of replay value, and that is what makes it the perfect game.

The game on the 3DS was, and still is, amazing, but I can only wonder how much better it could be on the Nintendo Switch. Tomodachi Life sold 6.55 million copies since December 2016, so it is obviously a popular and well-received game. A new and improved version on the switch would sell very well, as the Tomodachi Life community is very eager to see a new installment released.

I imagine that not only would the graphics be better, but the game as a whole would be better. They could add more clothes that could be given to the islanders, and they could make more features available to create better looking Mii's. More games and events could be added to the island, which would only add more possibilities to the game. Nintendo could also add more ways to interact with your islanders. In the 3DS version, the most you can do is poke their face and make the m turn around. If a reboot of Tomodachi Life was made, there would be many improvements and additions made that would rejuvenate the franchise and welcome new players as well as returning players.

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