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Why You Should Play Splatoon

There are a lot of online multiplayer games on the market currently; some would even say that the market is oversaturated with them. With so many games like Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, CSGO, and Fortnite, it could be challenging to pick one that'll provide the most bang for your buck. One game series many overlook is Splatoon. Developed and published by Nintendo, Splatoon is a third-person online multiplayer game that appears on the Wii U (Splatoon) and Switch (Splatoon 2). Let's take an in-depth look at Splatoon to figure out what makes this game so good, and why it stands out from other games on the market. *NOTE ~ we'll be discussing Splatoon 1 only! Although 1 & 2 do have some differences here and there, they contain the same core gameplay*


Splatoon's gameplay is the main thing that sets it apart from other games. Instead of firing bullets, lasers, or whatever, you fight with ink! There's quite a bit you can do with ink: you can, of course, hit opposing teammates with it to take them out & send them back to spawn, refill your ink tank (which acts as your "ammo"), and most interestingly, you can use it to move in more complex ways. Your character is able to turn into a squid form at will anytime during the round. You use the squid form to dive into your team's ink, which enables you to refill your tank and move in all sorts of different ways. You can shoot a trail of ink in front of you and travel faster inside of it since swimming speed is faster than normal on-ground speed. You can also shoot ink on certain walls and use that to climb up the wall or travel across it. All this makes for some fast-paced action with players climbing walls, ambushing the opposing team by hiding in the ink, and more. There's a lot more you can do beyond this, but the point is pretty clear: Splatoon is packed full of fast-paced, intense, and extremely fun gameplay.

Battle Modes

There a couple of different battle modes in Splatoon that keep the game fresh and interesting. First, there's the classic mode: Turf War! Turf War is all about which team can cover the most space on the map with ink in a set amount of time. It's very easy to sink many hours into this mode due to the fact that it is so easy to understand and play, and it provides a good challenge every time. You cannot go wrong with Turf War, but what if you're looking for a little more spice? Ranked Battles have you covered there! The Ranked Battle mode consists of several different types of games that all contribute to an individual player rank--meaning the more Ranked Battles you win, the more your rank will rise, and vice-versa. There are three ranked games to play: Splat Zones, Tower Control, and Rainmaker. In Splat Zones, your team fights to keep certain points on the map covered with ink. The team that has control of the most spaces on the map wins. This game is great because your team must try to take enemy spaces over while also maintaining your own ones. In Tower Control, your team must work to control a tower that moves all throughout the map. Think king of the hill for this one, but with the hill moving around everywhere. This one offers a fun challenge because your team has to keep defending the tower even while it moves right to the enemy. In Rainmaker, your team must carry a powerful weapon called the "Rainmaker" to a point at the opposing team's side. Any team can pick up the Rainmaker, and if the person holding the weapon has to go back to spawn, they will drop the weapon, and once again, the Rainmaker becomes first come, first serve. This game is a lot of fun because it is really hard to try to cross over to the enemy's side to drop off the weapon. All of these different modes make sure the game doesn't get old for a very long time, and the game stays fresh by switching up the maps every day!

Weapon Types

There are so many different weapons to choose from in Splatoon. There are many different types of guns, including snipers, miniguns, and short-range ones. Every gun has its own range and firing speed, so there are a lot of options! There are also several different paintbrushes and paint rollers to choose from. With these, you are able to either roll or brush ink on the ground or fling ink out in front of you. The paintbrushes work best with flinging the ink, and the rollers can roll out more paint. Ink buckets allow you to throw a lot of ink at once, just not too far. Finding your favorite type of weapon is one of the best things about the game. There are so many different ways to play, depending on what weapon you use. Whether you enjoy being stealthy or going in guns-a-blazing, Splatoon's got you covered!


Splatoon is such a unique game. The intuitive core gameplay, all sorts of challenging modes, and tons of different weapon types make Splatoon one of the most finely crafted games of its type. And with Splatoon 3 coming out soon, there's no better time to start playing. If you're ever in the mood for some online multiplayer madness and are tired of the same old games, give Splatoon a try and see for yourself how much fun it is!

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