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"Wii Sports" Made Life Worth Living

In this golden age of virtual activities, you may have forgotten about the original virtual sports game. Of course this isn’t the original sports video game, but it is in my heart. It was November 2006 when Wii Sports came out for the Wii. I remember playing Wii Sports for the first time and being amazed at how far we had come as a society. It was relevant in 2006, and now that everyone is stuck inside due to a new plague, it can be relevant once more. If you don’t want to go to the gym and risk contracting a virus, then this is the game for you. If the only thing you have in your house is a Wii.

Wii Sports is most known for bowling of course. Everyone loves Wii bowling. It’s casual and not too intense. But, some people have never ventured past bowling. So, I will tell you what you’ve been missing and what you can now incorporate into your life.

The first game in the selection menu is tennis! This is a very controversial game. Of course when you open the game, you play the first selection. You either love Wii tennis or you hate it more than anything ever. If you don’t know what’s going on then you probably won’t have a good time, but if you have an idea, then you could have a little bit of fun. Whether you love or hate it, you will find it a little goofy watching your little Mii avatars swing their rackets in sync when you make a single move.

The second game on the menu is a personal favorite of mine. Baseball is surprisingly fun on the Wii. You play as either a batter or a pitcher, and every three outs the sides switch. I have fond memories of playing Wii baseball with some extended family when they would visit for the holidays. So, I get a certain nostalgia when playing the baseball game. It’s also so satisfying when you hit a home run. The artificial crack of the bat is a high I have been chasing my whole life.

Next on the starting menu is bowling. Everyone and their grandma has played Wii Sports bowling and even more people love it. It’s an easy game that you can play with friends and the controls are not complicated. It’s fun waiting to see how many pins you knock down, and planning your throw down the lane is captivating. Getting a strike and seeing all those pins go down, along with the montage of how epic your shot was is what makes this game all worth it. A strike is infuriatingly difficult to achieve and that makes the payoff even better.

Golf on the Wii should be used as capital punishment. This game is the worst one out of all of them. If you hit the ball too hard then the bar on the side, that shows how much strength is in your shot, will wiggle back and forth almost like a taunt. I feel like a fool everytime I make a shot and it just wiggles at me. Only play this game if you feel you have sins to atone for.

Boxing is the last game on Wii Sports and it is probably the most boring. You have to have the nunchuck Wii attachment to play. All you do is pretend to punch and that will make your Mii character punch the other poor Mii in front of you. It is all a game of chance, as you have to wait for your opponent to stay down for 10 seconds. You have no way of knowing if they’ll stay down. This is my least favorite game, but maybe you could find some sort of enjoyment there.

Wii Sports is one of the best games ever made, and it was made better by being included with your Wii for free. But, now you would have to purchase it separately from the Wii that I know you have already ordered. Have fun and don’t overexert yourself.

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